Design Software

The design software is one of the most important tools for designing functional, comfortable, custom orthotics. If it limits you in any way, well, it limits you. 

We design completely uninhibited, full contact orthotics that offer control and comfort to give you the outcomes you desire.

Designing Videos

Design Video - Match Foot Snippet

Make An Appointment Now.

Book an appointment with an 3dp Partner Clinician. They will do a thorough evaluation of your feet, gait and biomechanics and will prescribe the correction you need. A 3D model of your foot put in a corrected position will also be taken. A thorough explanation will be provided to ensure you understand all that is going on.

3D Printed Orthotics - How It's Made

What to expect:

  • Wear pants that easily roll over knee or bring shorts. It is important to see your lower leg to assess your feet and gait properly.
  • Bring a pair of shoes that are well worn. We will look at the wear pattern on the shoes to help in the assessment.
  • A comprehensive history will be taken, then a look at your feet and a check of the joints ranges of motion/movement.
  • You will be asked to walk while the clinician observes and studies your gait.
  • A clear explanation of what the assessment reveals will help you to decide if you would like to proceed with your orthotics.
  • A 3D volumetric laser scan of your foot held in a sub-talar neutral position is taken and sent to the lab.
  • If you decide to go ahead with orthotics the full payment is required.