Orthotic Components

Below is an image and some description of the components that make up an orthotic. Your orthotics may not have all of the components listed below, but these are the most commonly used components to make up a custom foot orthotic.

  • Shell - provides the custom correction prescribed specifically for you. Made from a rigid, semi-rigid or flexible material.
  • Extrinsic Rear Foot Post - a piece of firm material that provides stability to the rear of the orthotic and holds your rearfoot as prescribed.
  • Finish Cover - this is the cover that goes on the orthotic that acts like the insole of your footwear. It's main purpose is to provide cushion and cover the orthotic shell.
  • First Cover - layer that provides more cushion when required.
  • Fore Foot Extension - an addition that can be used for padding or off loading parts of the forefoot.
  • Extrinsic Fore Foot Post - a piece of firm material that supports your fore foot.
  • Fore Foot Bottom Cover - cosmetic cover and can be used for additional shock absorption.

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