There are 4 factors important to having a successful custom orthotic:

  1. Accurate Diagnosis - the clinician you see must be able to accurately diagnosis your issue and figure out the biomechanics behind it.

  2. Accurate Prescription - after diagnosis and biomechanical discovery the clinician must then accurately prescribe the proper correction to positively affect your biomechanics.

  3. Accurate Casting - the clinician must then take an accurate 3D model of your foot in it's corrected position. We base the correction and modification of your custom orthotic on the prescription and casting of your feet.

  4. Accurate Manufacturing - as much of an art as it is a science, manufacturing your custom orthotic to correct your biomechanics and be comfortable is no easy feat. (pun intended) :)


We fully believe that custom orthotics are seldom 'THE' answer but very often are part of the solution.

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