3D Printing Custom Orthotics

With 3D printing custom orthotics we are able to incorporate design features into orthotics never before possible. This produces orthotics that have fantastic outcomes and patients love.

3D printing allows us:

  1. Design Freedom ... we can design features, that improve fit and function, that are impossible with traditional manufacturing.
  2. Less error .. . 3D printing allows us to consolidate 4 or 5 steps of manufacturing to one, leaving much less opportunity for error.
  3. Reduces waste ... reduced waste by up to 90%, significantly decreasing environmental impact.

Orthotic Advancement

We are very excited to announce snap on rearfoot adjustments and impact active arch fills.


  1. Patient continues to wear the orthotics while adjustment is being made.
  2. Less time wasted in shipping, the adjustment is done much quicker.
  3. Extremely accurate ... with designing; the lift or angle is an exact amount, it is not dependent on grinding by hand.

Design Software

The design software is one of the most important tools for designing functional, comfortable, custom orthotics. If it limits you in any way, well, it limits you. 

We design completely uninhibited, full contact orthotics that offer control and comfort to give you the outcomes you desire.

Designing Videos

Design Video - Match Foot Snippet

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